“Juries just love him.” – Marla Pittman-Gilcrease, Friedman & Feiger, Dallas, TX

“He was good on the stand.  He was very good.  The judge listened to everything he said.” –Marc Richman, Law Offices of Marc Richman, Dallas, TX

“I really enjoyed working with you.  You were professional, thorough and you educated me in an area I didn’t know very much about.  I will definitely use you again!”  – comment made by a litigation attorney

“You did an excellent job at yesterday’s mediation.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.” –Dale O’Neal Attorney, O’Neal, Fort Worth, TX

“I found it hard to believe that the value of the life interest was zero.  I had the CPAs read your report and check your work; they thought your conclusion was correct and well supported.”  –Ira Silverman, Silverman & Goodwin, Dallas, TX

“He really gets it…a lot of business appraisers don’t!” Lisa Newman, Wolfish & Newman, Dallas, TX

“I think you made all the difference in the world in this case.  It was because of you that this case settled.” –  Frank Kurtz, divorce client